​The Aligned + Abundant Bundle is for women who're ready for the next level of INCONE + IMPACT in their business and lives. 

This instant access kick up the butt bundle is my favourite and most listened to, most life changing audio trainings, with my most " wow omg shona this is incredible" new ebook and all my other favourite goodies​ Basically its all the good things ... for the women who are like "GIVE ME ALL THE THINGS"


Does that sound like you ? 



manifestation note pad
manifestation note pad




The ye old to-do list is often, ridgid, very focused (and that works for a lot of people) but if that doesn't work for you, how about you switch to something that's more outcome-focused, still productive but with room for fun and for flow.


To do lists are so 2020 … A “ to manifest” list is where it's at for a soul-aligned and inspired 2021.


A manifestation  list invites in the universe, it becomes a co-creation activity which allows us to receive intuition, guidance and support. In an exciting collaboration with @padtasticpersonalisestationary Sexy Selfish is proud to present these beautiful and functional “I'm Manifesting”  daily inspired action note pads in two beautiful colours ….

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Struggling week to week doesn't have to be a thing! Rewriting your money story is one thing, learning how to implement them is another. Plus all the support you could ask for....

i manifested an extra $1500 out of nowhere ...


Fashion Designer 

"I now feel empowered instead of stuck, I have opened up communications with my partner about finances, and lost that icky feeling that came up whenever I had to deal with bills, budgeting etc. Money for Mummy is the perfect mix of smart savvy advice mixed with woo woo hippy stuff, so glad I signed up."


Mum of 4 


"Highly recommend business support from sexy selfish if you are just starting out!!

From my first meeting I had guidance.

I was on the right track, the motivation and support from Shona pushed me further knowing I can do this!

Such a different experience to be encouraged, to dream big and not feel silly doing so."


Business owner 

I manifested 5 new clients this week .... since i joined, I have now got clear on what I want to do with my coaching practice and my life... everything is soo clear now !


Holistic Coach 

"I am now 100% converted this manifestation DOES WORK

I did what you told me, I wrote down on a big piece of paper all the things that I wanted to achieve for the year.  

I wrote it all down in detail and then went about my year. 6 moths later, not only had I achieved EVERYTHING on the paper but I had gotten EVEN MORE."


Business owner

"She helped me over come the imposter syndrome and work on my money mindset. I'm so glad I invested in a business coach, even now months later her advice plays in my head when I'm working on client emails or how to set up better systems in my business. she was my mentor and support system at a time when business life was so new and over whelming"



Shona and the Sexy Selfish Elite is a place that I feel safe and heard and inspired. It picks me up after a bad day and reminds me that the universe answers my order so I need to be mindful for what I ask for


Marketing Expert 

"Before I took the course I was scared to spend money and spent so much time counting dollars and trying to save, there was never enough. Now I feel grateful for what we have, I know more ways for money to flow in and my thinking around money is so much more positive. Money feels good now.My thinking has completely changed. My life has completely changed. Feeling so positive about money and the future was worth every cent and I can not recommend this course more."


Mum to 3  and childhood resilience mentor 

"I left my session with shona feeling inspired and excited about the future of my family and my business. She shared her personal experiences with me and made me realise that i am not alone and that things will get better.  I would highly recommend shona to any woman that needs help and direction in their business and for themselves." 


Financial planner 






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