Money for Mummy 

This 6 part program  is going to teach you the exact steps I took to make the life changing decisions in my life, un fuck my finances and totally transform my money mindset


Imagine this

Money is no longer the main factor in every single decision you make.


You have paid off your debt and no longer have to dread checking the letters.


You just booked that family trip to Disney Land that you have been dreaming about for YEARS.


When bills come in the mail it doesn't even bother you, you pay them straight away without a second thought, no stress.


You get massages every month, instead of just saving up christmas spa vouchers from your aunty for a special occassion.


Your ordering lunch and can get the extra avo on the side without feeling guilty, better yet, you never have to look at the price on the menu before deciding what to eat ever again.


You can buy the organic veggies and the fancy adult cheese instead of sticking to the home brand section in coles.


You dont have to justify what you spend to your partner, to your mother, to your friends.


No more living week to week, pay check to pay check ...






IF YOU ARE Commited to UN-FUCKING your Finances and ready to rewrite your money story...


Curious to see what seperates the mindsets of poor people and rich people, plus Excited to learn how to attract money with ease.


 FULLY READY to take your manifesting and your money mindset to the next LEVEL and start living the life you have always dreamed of.


Then you are in the right place. 




Shona is a Mum of 3 from Australia.
Self-proclaimed badass wine lover and authenticity ambassador.

Shona is Passionate about helping Mums overcome their limiting beliefs about money, totally transform their Money Mindset and Un-complicate their finances 
Giving them the tools and support to Empower Mums who want to learn how to manifest Wealth ... without all the fluff.


​So what is Money for Mummy?

We all know its hard to be the best, most present mother we want to be when we are terrified of money, living pay check to pay check and suffocating under money guilt... babe, thats no way to live !


Money for Mummy is a 6-part program designed to totally transform the way women earn, spend, save and attract MONEY!

This 6-part program is going to teach you the exact steps I took to make the life changing decisions in my life, un fuck my finances and totally transform my money mindset.


That took me from living life day to day, pay check to pay check  wondering when things were going to change.To living ABUNDANT AF,

No more money guilt, no more fear of bills and a bank account thats legit growing every day. I’m going to walk you through the step by step process I use every day to manifest money and  show how I create the environment which allows me to build the life I want.

Plus show you how I keep going even when I feel like it’s all getting too hard. ( which it does some days)  Most of all how I know I’m living the life I LOVE, without the constant oppressing money guilt smothering me.

Are you ready ?


 6 + Training Modules 

6 hour + video trainings which takes you step by step through a complete money mindset transformation that will leave you feeling excited and empowered about money. 

 Guest Speakers + Sexy Selfish Elite access

Monthly Guest Speaker Q+A sessions. every month Shona brings in a industry  expert to help answer all your questions about a particular topic. Wether it be copy writing, graphic design, marketing, sales, scaling your business, finance, relationships, sex etc etc you get full access to these exclusive guest speakers and all their sessions as part of the sexy selfish elite BONUS 

Homework guide + 6 week journal 

Expertly designed to help you tap in to your inner empowered woman and leave you feeling inspired and excited you get full access not only to the 6 part homework guide but also a 6 week journal with DAILY journaling prompts and affirmations. 

Hot Seat group Coaching Calls With Shona 

Get your questions ready, each fortnight Shona spends a hour giving you exclusive LIVE trainings on topics that are important to YOU. Plus she answers all your questions. Working through issues, money blocks and business challenges together as a group.

Access to the Exclusive Membership Portal 

Whats better than getting FRESH trainings and content every week  ...? 

How about a BONUS portal and membership site with every single past training and HOURS upon HOURS of extra content for you to binge out on ....

With  over 30+ hours of video and endless printables you will never run out of inspiration. 

Facebook Support Group

Exclusive access to the private Facebook group for 24/7 inspiration and support. 

We’re a community of kind hearted and totally badass babes, who desire more abundance, influence and impact, doing what we love!


My Life's work... 


I created money for mummy because I was sick of hearing “I can’t afford it” from all the women I knew ....


“I’m just not good with money”

“I can’t seem too get in front”

“Dealing with money makes me feel sick”

“I’m just not smart enough to make money like she does”

“My husband deals with all of that I wouldn’t know where to start”

“I feel so guilty spending anything on myself”


These are the phrases I kept hearing over and over and over again 

At play groups, coffee dates, school drop off, business events, meetings, via messenger and in phone calls. With women young and old, no kids and 7 kids, from lawyers and financial advisors to stay at home mums from famous influencers to freelancers ... Everyone! 

Hearing beautiful intelligent powerful and confident women that I looked up to still living in fear, scarcity, distrust and lack around money, Just broke my fucking heart, It really did.


Because I knew that feeling all to well.

Once upon a time I had let financial stress, lack scarcity and a poverty mindset absolutely crush the life out of me. Suffocate me and step on my throat every time I tried to move forward in my life.

Being broke became my safety blanket “I can’t afford it” use to be my most used phrase.

I knew exactly how it felt to be those women, Because I use to be those women, I was those women.

No one wins when women live their life in fear of wealth ....

And no woman or mum can step fully up intro their most creative expressive badass joy filled selves ... when they are crushed by money guilt and suffocated by scarcity.

Mums can’t be fully present, mindful and happy when they are terrified to open their bills.

And, business women can’t do their life changing impactful soul led work .. when they can only focus on how to make ends meet.


I want women to be able to step up fully excited and empowered about wealth.


To feel safe worthy and deserving of becoming a wealthy women.


To tap into the their daily abundance that is their birth right.


To be fucking proud of the money they call into their lives and to spend earn and save from a place of overflow instead if lack.


This Is the mindset and the teachings I pass onto the next generation.

This is my life’s work.


And thats why I created my programs, my courses, my online mentoring and resources to help women step up fully excited and empowered around money.


I do this because every time I hear a women say “I can’t afford it” my heart breaks.

And I’ll keep doing it until the cycle of scarcity and lack is broken.

If your ready to break this cycle too ... if your ready to rise I to the abundant babe you know deep inside your meant to be ....

Then you are in the right place

Struggling week to week doesn't have to be a thing! Rewriting your money story is one thing, learning how to implement them is another. Plus all the support you could ask for....

i manifested an extra $1500 out of nowhere ...


Fashion Designer 

I manifested 5 new clients this week .... since i joined, I have now got clear on what I want to do with my coaching practice and my life... everything is soo clear now !


Holistic Coach 

Shona and the Sexy Selfish Elite is a place that I feel safe and heard and inspired. It picks me up after a bad day and reminds me that the universe answers my order so I need to be mindful for what I ask for


Marketing Expert 

 Lets break it down week by week 

What are you going to learn ? 

  •  Abundant AF  

    Manifesting principles, the 12 universal laws, Guided manifestation technique + introduction to energy Work + How to create abundance no matter your money situation and Simple steps to build you abundance every single day



  •  Budget your shit  

    Real talk its time to adult and #getshitdone.  Learn about budgets Setting up automated transfers, stopping all unnecessary spending. Then plan your  growth, i.e. where you’ll make additional funds. + take the practical steps to create  breathing room




  • Habits of a rich bitch 

    Morning routine planner + learn Investment principles to make your money work for you

    Create a community of people you make you rich and learn the step by step money routine to guarantee your success


  • Adulting

    The simple question sequence to understand what you Want vs Need and learning to Pay yourself first.

    Investing for your future self, How to determine simply exactly what to spend your money on, eliminating spending guilt and Stop living paycheck to pay check once and for all. 


  • Rewriting your money story 

    Understand your money values and your money beliefs. How to Break your money fears and Create new money wiring.

    I teach you how to raise your financial ceiling to finally get out of your negative money patterns and create success on autopilot!


  • Get more money honey 

    The not so obvious strategies to creating more money plus, learn how to ask for money without getting weird about it.

     The simple process to creating multiple forms of income and How to choose the right income strategy which truly aligns to who you are. I also give you the  simple scripts I use to ask for money in order to create greater wealth.



Is this Course Right for You?


Your life is not a dress rehearsal. You dont get a re run. You can change the direction of your life RIGHT NOW...

If you are tired of struggling financially...Or you're tired of having to 'hustle' within your business for clients and cash...And you want to start attracting MORE money $$$ and soul led abundance into your life more easily and effortlessly than ever before.... Then this is YOUR time, so start now. Or you could just sit back, turn on netflix or scroll Facebook some more...And stay the same person for the rest of your life.



I don’t think you want to do that or you wouldn't have read this far.


Now that you have the facts...

It’s time to decide if  being a part of the Money for Mummy program   is right for you.


  • You not only signed up to all the webinars and reads all the books, but you took action  on the things you learn't

  • You are maybe afraid or nervous, but you are ready to show the universe your here to go big or go home baby.

  • You are sooo ready to be surrounded by like minded, fiercely positive, always ambitious badass women like yourself, to feel truly heard and understood in your quest for growth and abundance 

  • You are vibing with everything I am saying right now energetically. You are starting to feel that tingle. You want more. You long for more... you know you are worth more!

  • More than anything, you're ready to make BANK, to call in that dream business, pay check, and LIFE.


  • You're wanting someone to wave a magic wand and just fix it all for you .

  • You're committed to your old belief system, stuck in fear town and mayor of comfort zone county..  You and I both know your not ready to actually do the do. 

  • Theres no spark, no excitement, no buzz as your thinking about your future.

  • You can't even remember the last time ( if ever)   that you picked up a personal development book, podcast or youtube. This probably isn't the beginner course for you. 

Bonus Section. Time to Over Deliver!

The Money for Mummy course is about teaching you to master the mindset behind creating and abundance exciting aligned and authentic life – on every freakin’ level.

I'm going to teach you the mindset, strategy and tactics behind rediscovering the most BADASS abundant YOU.

 We’re a community of kind hearted and totally badass babes , who desire more abundance, influence and impact, doing what we love!


As if that wasn't amazing enough .... check out this incredible bonus !


As a lover and daily user of  guided meditations myself,  of course none of my programs would be complete without an exclusive and tailor made meditation for you to use as much or as little as you like. I know you are going to absolutely love this exclusive meditations which is focused on love, abundance and visualisation set to a calming  binaural beats soundtrack.

"I now feel empowered instead of stuck, I have opened up communications with my partner about finances, and lost that icky feeling that came up whenever I had to deal with bills, budgeting etc. Money for Mummy is the perfect mix of smart savvy advice mixed with woo woo hippy stuff, so glad I signed up."


Mum of 4 

"I am now 100% converted this manifestation DOES WORK

I did what you told me, I wrote down on a big piece of paper all the things that I wanted to achieve for the year.  

I wrote it all down in detail and then went about my year. 6 moths later, not only had I achieved EVERYTHING on the paper but I had gotten EVEN MORE."


Business owner

"Before I took the course I was scared to spend money and spent so much time counting dollars and trying to save, there was never enough. Now I feel grateful for what we have, I know more ways for money to flow in and my thinking around money is so much more positive. Money feels good now.My thinking has completely changed. My life has completely changed. Feeling so positive about money and the future was worth every cent and I can not recommend this course more."


Mum to 3  and childhood resilience mentor 

What do I get when I enroll ? 


  •  6 part journal  + Homework book 

    Valued over $600 

  • 6 + hours of Video trainings, 

    Valued over $1200

  • 3 LIVE Q+A sessions with shona  

    Valued over $1200

  • Get the badass budget calculator 

    Valued over $197

  • Boss mumma mindset portal   

    Valued over $2000

  • Abundance meditation pack  

    Valued over $197

  • BONUS -  private FB group SEXY SELFISH full of like-minded mums 

    Valued over $997

 TOTAL VALUE: $6391.00



Yes  of course babe, we have 3 and 6 month payment plan options available... 

But, As some added incentive to the badass who are ready to GO BIG, get uncomfortable and go all in by paying upfront I have this incredible BONUS that I'm going to send you.


Valued at over $198.00 and  in collaboration with the Heart and Soul box company.


I am going to gift you my "Abundance Box" full of tools and items to help you call in more abundance to your life everyday.

Including but not limited to, abundance themed, bath bomb, loose leaf tea, oil rollers, crystal bracelets, smudging sticks, candles, sage, palo santo and even a crystal water bottle, so you can literally drink those abundant vibes all day long !!  

Learn more HERE 



Lets do this babe ....


It’s time to step into your next level of abundance, success and purpose!

YOU ARE A TOTAL BADASS ... so own it babe.

It’s time to unleash your inner Wealthy Woman.

Let's create your dream life, on your own terms... and that journey begins here.




Money for Mummy

6-part course 

3 month and 6 month payment plan options


  • 24/7 community Support in the sexy selfish elite 

  • 6 part online program with video trainings + exclusive homework 

  •  BULK trainings,  emails, journaling promtps etc  

  • Powerful abundance meditation for daily use 

What happens next







Each week I will be sending you a pre-recorded VIDEO module that has been tested, tried, and true to helping you get rid of money guilt  and unfuck your finances 


There are 6 modules spread across the 6 weeks and each module is sent out every single Saturday morning AUS time. That leaves you with the  entire weekend to work on your weekly homework. (You need something to do while watching the kids at saturday sports right.)


You will also have access to the other  mums  through the private Facebook group to share wins, ask questions, and seek support.


The Facebook Group is always open and you have access to all of the modules in the portal . This is the perfect opportunity to form a lasting connections with other HIGH VIBE mummas


Got a couple of questions babe, don't worry I've got your back.

What will I get out of it ? 

I'm worried I won't have enough time to complete the course.

I'm not a SAHM or a business owner, is the Money for Mummy course  still right for me ? 

If I don't like the course, do you offer refunds?

How long will it take to see results ?

What can I do if I have more questions?

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