Aligned and Abundant 

My mission is to empower women and mums to step into abundance and joy on every freaking level. 

If you’re tired of living the same year over and over again...

If you're living far below your financial potential (and you KNOW deep inside that you deserve more)

You might be ready for the Aligned and Abundant  Exclusive Bundle.

This is for the woman who is ready to step into TRUE abundance. 

  • ​The woman you see in the picture above might be smiling, sipping her coffee and feeling high vibe AF ... but 2 years ago, my life and my business looked vasty different. 


    2 years ago I was running 3 companies, I was burnt out, exhausted, resentful and yet mediocrely successful, the money was there, the travel and the international speaking gigs … but when I asked myself if I could keep doing this for another 40 years, the answer was a resounding “hell fucking NO” 


    Nothing felt good anymore, I mean I was doing everything they all told me to do, spending thousands on facebook advertising campaigns I had the “foolproof”  sales funnels, the best tech, the copywriting expert proofing all of my writing ….. I was doing EVERYTHING right … I was busting ass every day and yes, I was making money, my biggest month pulled in over $17,000. 


    But I wasn't happy. I mean maybe that sounds really selfish to you, or maybe you have felt exactly the same way ... trust me, if you have felt this way, you are NOT alone.


    But somewhere along the line I realized why my business was so different from the woman I looked up to, they had fun, they made money without stress, they did shit and launched products THEY‌ were excited about not just the ones that so and so expert said would work. I mean they made FUCKING‌ MONEY‌ by  spending more energy on the mindset side of their business then they did on the strategy side …. I was blown away.


    Suddenly I realized the more time I spent on the energy side of my business, on the intentions and alignment, the more abundance started to flow in. Making money became stress-free, attracting my dream clients was easy and painless, people were reaching out asking how to work with me instead of me chasing them down … my business became fun, I could trust my voice, make decisions with ease and fully have faith that my income would grow every month, which it has ever since. 


    How did I do it …. by focusing on constantly imporving my mindset. 

    It was the epiphany that changed everything for me and now I hope it can be for you too …


    Running an aligned business is really about doing shit that lights you the fuck up, trusting your own intuition and growing a business that you never feel burnt out exhausted and resentful towards.


    It's trusting in YOU, feeling truly connected to the business purpose and vision of your brand and knowing fully that abundance is YOURS if you decide it to be. 

    Yes, I'm now one of those “ just decide it and it can be yours”  type of coaches, that even I use to roll my eyes at, but in all seriousness this shit WORKS!


    Your dream business is only one choice away,  lucky for you by reading this it means you have already made that choice, to step into the most aligned and abundant YOU … you go glen coco.  


    Now its time to actually do the do … 


So what is the Aligned and Abundant Bundle?

The Aligned and Abundant Bundle is basically a combination of all this stuff I'm most proud of...

​It's my favourite and most listened to, most life changing audio trainings, with my most " wow omg shona this is incredible" new ebook and all my other favourite goodies. 

​Basically its al the good things ... for the women who are like "GIVE ME ALL THE THINGS"


It's for the women like me,

who when they decided to change, they want the resources tools and inspiration NOW !!!


Unlike my other programs and offerings that are spread over 10 days, or 6 weeks ... even 12 months in the case of my Sexy Selfish Elite Mastermind ... This program is my soul led offer that gives you instant access to all the things straight away. Perfect for when you need a real talk, empowering, inspiring kick up the butt personal development binge out type of content. 


​Basically its for women ... who are  unapologetically impatient AF and ready for change! 


Does that sound like YOU ? 


You + Aligned and Abundant bundle




Audio Trainings 

 Get instant access to 6 EXCLUSIVE audio trainings JUST FOR YOU!

Topics range from money mindset, self development, business and even relationships so each session is jam packed with content.

Access to the Sexy Selfish Elite 

as a BONUS to the Aligned and Abundant Bundle you get a full 30 days access to my ELITE membership the Sexy Selfish Elite.

jam packed with audio trainings, more journaling prompts, mini trainings and even LIVE Q+A sessions.... Make the most of your 30 days experiencing this life changing facebook group community. 

Aligned and Abundant Ebook 

You will receive a PDF downloadable with thought provoking, soul nudge journaling prompts, exercises and affirmations. Expertly designed to help you tap in to your inner empowered woman and leave you feeling inspired and excited. 

Shona Gates 

Shona is a Mum of 2 from Australia.
Self-proclaimed badass wine lover and authenticity ambassador.

Shona is Passionate about helping Mums overcome their limiting beliefs about money, totally transform their Money Mindset and Un-complicate their finances 
Giving them the tools and support to Empower Mums who want to learn how to manifest Wealth without all the fluff. 

Ready to learn the secret behind getting every thing you want ?

  • Ready to learn the secret behind getting everything you want
  • Curious to find out how to manifest more $$$ and embody your inner rich boss momma 
  • Hungry for more magic in your life and looking to massively uplevel 
  • Excited to turn off auto-pilot mode and take control of your own destiny 
  • Ready to release what’s holding you back in every area of your life and business and take the action to back it up.
  • Seeking to rewrite the negative, disempowering story that's playing in your mind and ruling your life
  • Ready to step into the most successful, abundant, happy and purposeful version of yourself .

Audio training topics 

  • Your business is a seperate entity, how to create a business with a stable foundation that grows with or without YOU.
  • How to finally charge what your worth and totally own your rates and offers.
  • Detaching your self worth from your financial state. How to have rock solid confidence and worthiness no matter what your bank account looks like. 
  • Why you need to let the universe out of the choke hold. how to manifest with ease and flow. 
  • Why money IS spiritual & how you can stop feeling guilty for wanting more in life plus how to shake up your affirmations to make them even more powerful. 
  • Trust and faith, daily actions to help you manifest and prove to the universe your ready to show up fully as the most Abundant and Aligned YOU! 

My mission is to empower business women  to step into abundance and joy on every freaking level.


Hustling every day, beating your head against the brick wall feeling uninspired and stuck really sucks, like big hairy gorilla balls sucks .....

You  DO deserve so much more, and so does your family!


If you’re tired of living the same year over and over again...

If you're living far below your financial potential (and you KNOW deep inside that you deserve more)

You NEED to grab the Aligned and Abundant Bundle 


If you do the work, you'll see results beyond your wildest dreams.




Fashion Designer

Manifested $1500 extra...

Struggling week to week doesn't have to be a thing! Rewriting your money story is one thing, learning how to implement them is another. Plus all the support you could ask for....


Spiritual business owner

I manifested 5 new clients this week...

I have now got clear on what I want to do with my coaching practice and my life... everything is soo clear now !


Business owner 

If you arn't doing it, you totally should...

Shona has been there for me every step of the way as I grow and become the woman, mother and business owner I am meant to be.

Is this Course Right for You?


Your life is not a dress rehearsal. You dont get a re run. You can change the direction of your life RIGHT NOW...

If you are tired of struggling financially...Or you're tired of having to 'hustle' within your business for clients and cash...And you want to start attracting MORE money $$$ and soul led abundance into your life more easily and effortlessly than ever before.... Then this is YOUR time, so start now. Or you could just sit back, turn on netflix or scroll Facebook some more...And stay the same person for the rest of your life.



I don’t think you want to do that or you wouldn't have read this far.


Now that you have the facts...

It’s time to decide if  being a part of the Aligned and Abundant Bundle  is right for you.


  • You not only signed up to all the webinars and reads all the books, but you took action  on the things you learn't

  • You are maybe afraid or nervous, but you are ready to show the universe your here to go big or go home baby.

  • You are sooo ready to be surrounded by like minded, fiercely positive, always ambitious badass women like yourself, to feel truly heard and understood in your quest for growth and abundance 

  • You are vibing with everything I am saying right now energetically. You are starting to feel that tingle. You want more. You long for more... you know you are worth more!

  • More than anything, you're ready to make BANK, to call in that dream business, pay check, and LIFE.


  • You're wanting someone to wave a magic wand and just fix it all for you .

  • You're committed to your old belief system, stuck in fear town and mayor of comfort zone county..  You and I both know your not ready to actually do the do. 

  • Theres no spark, no excitement, no buzz as your thinking about your future.

  • You can't even remember the last time ( if ever)   that you picked up a personal development book, podcast or youtube. This probably isn't the beginner course for you. 

Bonus Section. Time to Over Deliver!

The  Aligned and Abundant Bundle is about empowering you to master the mindset behind creating and abundance exciting aligned and authentic life – on every freakin’ level.

These trains are going to teach you the mindset, strategy and tactics behind rediscovering the most BADASS abundant YOU.

 We’re a community of kind hearted and totally badass babes , who desire more abundance, influence and impact, doing what we love!


As if that wasn't amazing enough .... check out this incredible bonus !


As a lover and daily user of  guided meditations myself,  of course none of my programs would be complete without an exclusive and tailor made meditation for you to use as much or as little as you like. I know you are going to absolutely love this exclusive meditations which is focused on love, abundance and visualisation set to a calming  binaural beats soundtrack.

What do I get when I enroll ? 


  • Get instant access to the Aligned and Abundant EBOOK pdf 

    Valued over $97

  • 6 Exclusive Audio Trainings 

    Valued over $397

  • ABUNDANCE MEDITATION  to help reprogram your subconscious mind to attract wealth

    Valued over $197

  • BONUS -  private FB group SEXY SELFISH full of like-minded mums 

    Valued over $197



Your EXCLUSIVE price = $55


Lets do this babe ....

It’s time to step into your next level of abundance, success and purpose!

YOU ARE A TOTAL BADASS ... so own it babe.

It’s time to unleash your inner Wealthy Woman.

Let's create your dream life, on your own terms... and that journey begins here.


Aligned and Abundant Bundle 



upfront payment once off


  • 24/7 community Support in the sexy selfish elite 

  •  6 life changing Audio trainings and exclusive EBOOK   

  • Abundance meditation for daily use 

What happens next






You will also have access to the other  mums  through the private Facebook group to share wins, ask questions, and seek support.


The Facebook Group is always open and you have access to this exclusive group for the full 30 days.

 This is the perfect opportunity to form a lasting connections with other HIGH VIBE mummas.


Got a couple of questions babe, don't worry I've got your back.

What will I get out of it ? 

I'm worried I won't have enough time to complete the course.

I'm not a SAHM or a business owner, is the Aligned and Abundant Bundle  still right for me ? 

This Bundle was designed for women in business  mostly in mind however the principles in each of the trainings are applicable to every single human no matter what situation.

If I don't like the course, do you offer refunds?

Due to the nature of the course, there are  absolutely no refunds.

I 100%  believe in my process and I am extremely confident in its effectiveness - not only for me, but for all my  Clients. If you do the work,  get over your excuses and apply everything you learned, you'll see results.

How long will it take to see results ?

What can I do if I have more questions?

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